Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ready, Well-Prepared!

I’m quite emotionally breakdown recently. Maybe due to lack of slp. Couldn’t slp thru the nite with my extreme big tummy. So any idiot who come harass me will get his mouth stuck to his asshole!

Ok.. enuff of venting my anger. The issue is none of my biz, so no use blogging or complaining here.

Oh yes.. I’m 5wks away from my due date. Baby is super active, maybe due to the lack of space for her to turn ard. She’s quite big in size, from wat gynae mentioned. Guess I stuff her wif too much buffets n sweeties.. Cant stop my mouth fr biting those sweet stuffs, durians, buffets.. Always put on extra fats during preggie one!

Last fri, I experienced bad contractions.. ard 6-7 times for the whole day. Went for checkup on mon, gynae say it normal for 2nd pregnancy. Unless it so frequent that it has a few time within an hr, den I muz report in for delivery. Gynae also mentioned tt baby is big & safe to deliver now if she wan to pop out. Coz her weight n size is acceptable, although pre-mature, but still safe. For me, I don wan her out now.. she muz wait for another 1wk+, n pop out on my birthday. Tt is wat I hope for.. hee~

I cleared most of my pending lists:
-Signed up wif cordlife for cord blood banking.
- Confirmed my maternity leave wif my boss, distribute works to fellow colleagues
- Cut my hair VERY short.
- Prepared toys for exchanges btwn bro & sis.
- Got a set of beautiful name for baby.
- Hospital bag is ready, except camera & lappie only.

I only left baby clothes to wash, camera & lappie to check for charged battery. But still I hope baby only pop out on my birthday. Then it will be the best bday gift for me.. although I cant celebrate if it really happen on the same day.. but in future.. I get to celebrate wif her together!