Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Myself!

Happy Birthday to Me~!
Happy Birthday to Me~!
Happy Birthday to Me~!
Happy Birthday to Meeee~!

My beloved hubby gave me surprise today. My receptionist called me n said there's a bouquet of flowers for me. Haha.. i noe immediately it's from my hb. I so embarressed.. and told receptionist, Alice to keep at her side. Who noe my collegue, Lulu went to pick the flowers up for me.. n almost wan to bring to my table. I stopped her via msn.. n went to pick up during lunch time when there are nobody. So embarrasing lor.. later don noe how to go home with the flowers.. haha~

The weird combination of sunflower and roses? Haha~ Both my fav flowers.. so tt y hb decide on such combination.. kill 2birds wif 1 stone.. so he can save $$ on his another bouquet next time. lol~ And look at the mess on my tables. Flooded wif workload.

Still.. i taking leave next monday.. to celebrate wif hb alone. No son.. as we prefer 二人世界!

Thanks hubby for the surprise! I Love u!

Oh ya.. below is the extract from the card he sent with the flowers:

Dear petty wife,
Happy birthday!
From your handsome husband.

Quick update

Wow.. so long nvr blog here.. hee~! So i do a quick update.

Safra Army Half Marathon / Singapore Bay Run

Just completed my 2nd 10km for the year.. Safra -Sgp bay run.. aka Army Half Marathon. The run was ok.. although i was breathless n stop running at 2km.. coz it was running up the sheares bridge.. Felt so lousy.. n i walk alot! But still, my timing was 1hr 22min. Tink ard my SC '07 timing aso. Din improve.. but detoriate by a few mins. Nvm.. tis sun gng for another 10km.. nike+ human race. Hope i will do better. At the start point!

Nike+ Human Race

Went to queue for the race pack after my sgp bay run.. lucky we went for our breakfast cum lunch before entering the snake queue. And i'm lucky that we r able to 'cut queue'. My hb's collegue went to queue at 10am, and has been calling my hb to inform of the long queue. But still we took our sweet time to arrive.. only to be shocked by the long, never-ending snake queues. Hb was quick to cor his collegue, who happen to be at the counter. So we quickly pass the confirmation slip to him and got the race pack within a few mins. My frens queue 5hrs for their packs.. which i tink is ridiculous. Those who went on mon to collect, had no queues.

Anyway, next time if any race organised by Nike, i will tink 2x to participate. As the shape run was sponsored by Nike, the after-run collection of goodie bags n refreshments queue was also super long snake queues. I hate queueing up hours after my run.. it's very tiring!