Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So Piss off...

I noe the title sound like childish... but tt wat i feeling inside now. Wat make me angry is the FB game: CS. There is this new item call arena, where a battle begins at a certain time. I nvr lose so badly until the last match. The opponent has a Lieutenant General, while i'm a small fly to him. So i no matter how i attack him, i still miss n kena hit! I kept spending bulks of money to buy life, resprawn, buy weapons.. still MISS my hits! Damn it! Make me so broke now. I hate it.. gng to attack him when he unaware later... coz i not gng to give up for he is 'bullying' me!

Dotz... I'm so childish.. but who cares?

I'm so bored in office. No 1 control me? no1 to disturb! Sianz.. Wen can i change a job? Nxt yr hopefully.. esp coming Jan 1, every1 is leaving me at orchard.. no more lunch kaki.

I'm also physically broke! Hopefully boss gives me a 2x mth bonus or more.. so i have enuff savings and use some for biz investments. I still havent get any CNY clothes for my ah boy!

Toking abt my biz investments.. will post more soon.. lolx..

Friday, December 7, 2007


It's the year end.. and a month full of holidays and festive moods: Hari Raya, Xmas & New Year! Also a month where everyone is getting out of Singapore. But for me? I'm stuck in Sgp. So sian.. Last yr i'm aso stuck.. coz i too preggie to go travel ard.. but tis yr end excuse is i got a baby at home. I rmbr last yr i was so upset and cried when my hb went jb, my family went msia.. every1 went sum where except me. And u noe wat? Tis yr it is the SAME again.. well, not my family members tis time, but my friends lor.. They going Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and thailand.. but me leh? Cant go!!!! My mil say she don wan take care of my son.. excuse is she wan do spring cleaning! Yet she gng to Msia in the last wk of dec lor! I only get to travel to Taipei tis yr.. Where as my hb went to bangkok, taiwan, batam tis yr. So unfair rite?

My target next yr: I wan to go Europe!!! It sounds like a "WOW" countries.. coz it gng to make me poorer by more den SGD5k! But i don care! I told hb already.. I wan go sum where FAR (as in not msia or thailand or indonesia) one more time before i preggie wif a 2nd bb. Coz i noe tt wif 2 kids ard, chances of me gng overseas will be even slimmer. I gave hb the option of Hokaiddo in Japan, or Europe (such as paris, london, watever) on a guided tour. Last time we tog of like taking 1 mth of leave to tour ard europe on a F&E tour.. but guess it sound a bit difficult as v lack the time and the $$. So a guided tour is more direct as in we noe how much costs will be involves (as hotels n places of interest r fixed in tour packages cost), plus the time & tpt is provided. So don nid to source ard much. So we target 4th qtr of the yr.. den v will begin our BB plan production on our 2nd honeymoon.. and a Bb *GIRL* be out in 2009! Lolx..

So for the time being, i should save up for my $$$! And aso achieve another target of losing weight.. which unfortunately to say.. i havent even try yet. I being eating lots of sinful food lor.. Maybe i shd list them out n tell u how terrible m i?
Mon: Chicken Chop with Rice & Fries
Tue: Waffler wif cream & Ice-cream
Wed: Coffee Bean choco cake (not cheesecake) on top of my vegetarian mixed rice.
Thu: Baked pasta at NYDC for lunch, Pizza, lagsani, mixed fried seafood platters from Pizza Hut for dinner.
Fri: Lunch was ok.. except 1 cookies from subway.. Dinner: ???

For the whole wk so far, i ate and spent at 4 restaurants! I'm broke.. n i shd simply DUMP my Credit cards at hm to prevent further spending... Waiting for y/e bonus to pay off my CC debts.. alamak..

Overall: Gain Weight, and Lost Money! Hai~! Total opposite of wat i wan... I deserved to be shot. And pls pls pls... don let my hb read tis post. He will shot me b4 i commit my own suicide.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

SCSM 2007 Photos

Below are some pics taken online. Din bring any camera or took any personal pic on actual day.

Near the finishing line.
Speeding for my last metre. Spot me? (on the left)
Adidas offer free candid photos on event day itself. Took 1 wif my hb after the race. Saw my medal on my hand? =)

SCSM 2007

Yeah! I achieve it. My 1st 10km run.. and i complete it within my target of 1.5hr. My Gun time was 1h 27m 3s and my net achievement is 1h 22m 55s! Hurray! Not so bad rite? Esp it my 1st run and my last training was like more than a wk ago.

From the analysis, I'm rank 2560th place (48%) in the entire 10km woman category, 617th place (46%) in the division category (Female age 25 - 29).

Ave time per mile is 13m 21s, ave time per KM is 8m 18s

Ave Speed is 7.2 km per hr, 4.5Mile per hr.

From the map above, i'm not even half way thru my race wen the Overall winner complete her race. When my division winner complete her race at a timing of 01:00:09, i was more than half way thru my race. And the ave timing for the 10km women event was 01:29:07. I fall into the top 50% finishers!

My re-called of event day itself: Hb's colleague's wife, Yvonne drove us to the event. It was a bit difficult to find parking space as raffles city was full n we only managed to find parking space in Funan. Den v hurry over, and lucky we can deposit our belongings at her car, so v skip the long Q at the bag deposit area and proceed straight to the starting point. While strolling over, a lot of the runners fr the earlier race have ran back to the starting pt, and heading towards East Coast. So many motivators ard.. esp at the finish point. Hb and his colleague prepared for their race at 7.15pm. Yvonne and I waited for our race at 8pm. Soon after the 7.15pm race started, i heard ple clapping and cheering.. some runners have already ran back... i tog they were the half-marathon which started at ard 6pm. Only wen i heard the marathon winners took 2hr +, den i realised they r the one who i saw! Wah.. to me they r crazy lor.. 2hrs to complete 42.195 km??? I took 1.5hr to complete 1/4 of their distance. At my pace, i can give up the idea to participate in any marathon or even half-mara in my entire life...

The run was ok.. ran continously till i pass the 4km mark.. den slow down and walk eventually. Run again wen i recover my energy.. Almost stop at every waterpt to recover my thrist, had a few cups of 100plus at the last few waterpt... Though i hate those isotonic drink like 100plus, H-two-O and red bull, i still end up drinking them during my events. Coz i learnt my lesson once.. i suffer from dizziness a few days after my safra run wen i did not drink enuff isotonic drink to recover myself.. end up the doc gave me more isotonic drink to drink. Anyway, all these isotonic drink become tasteless wen i'm too tired or desperate for water.

Overall performance.. I'm happy wif my results.. as all my friends did the run at 1hr+. Hb at 1h 4m, his colleague at 1h 2m, limin at 1h 14min and yvonne at 1h 28m.

Anyway, congras to the winners! And aso congras to everyone who complete the race! C u again next yr!!!